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Newton Group Transfers Can Help You Exit Your Timeshare

While the timeshare industry occasionally suffers from a bad rap, most people are happy with their purchase. Owning a timeshare can be a truly wonderful experience. If you are certain that you would like to stay in a particular location every year for your vacation, timeshares can be a great way to ensure that you always have an idyllic vacation destination.

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Sometimes, however, owners find their properties to be problematic. Every year, they have to pay fees for maintenance and other related fees that far exceed their initial costs. Many owners have experienced extreme difficulties trying to sell their timeshares and have even been duped by fraudulent companies operating on the secondary market. There’s also legitimate concern about what’s known as a perpetuity clause, which states that an owner’s heirs will have to assume ownership and all the fees associated in the event of the owner’s death.

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If you are a timeshare owner who no longer wants to own the property you bought, you can try a few different approaches. One of which is to contact Newton Group Transfers, the most trusted name in timeshare exit solutions. Please call us at (877) 354-4321 or visit our website at Newton Group Transfers to learn more. We have nearly a decade of experience in the timeshare transfer industry and have assisted thousands of owners to satisfactorily transition out from underneath their timeshare contracts.

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What Is a Perpetuity Clause?

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” – Henry David Thoreau

Perpetuity: The quality or condition of being perpetual

There are a lot of things that we wish could last forever: the latest book by your favorite author, a perfect evening spent with family and friends, the youth and innocence of a new-born baby. These things have a timeless quality that, although short-lived, we carry with us as treasured memories for a lifetime. Other things, we are stuck with for eternity – whether we like them or not.

You may not have realized it at the time, but if you signed a deeded timeshare contract, you were committing to a potential financial nightmare from which there’s no easy escape. Most timeshare contracts are written with a “perpetuity clause” that makes your contract nearly impossible to break. The idea is that this element of the contract is vital to ensuring that your progeny will enjoy ownership of such a valuable asset, but this also means that, after purchasing your timeshare, you will be required to cover all of the costs related to your timeshare for the remainder of your life. When you pass away, the responsibility of maintaining these fees will be assigned to your next of kin.

Usually, family members do not want the property bequeathed to them for a few critical reasons. In recent years, timeshare occupancy has steadily decreased due to a struggling economy and the financial risks associated with these properties. As the number of buyers decrease, resorts raise maintenance fees arbitrarily and well above the rate of inflation in order to mitigate their losses. In fact, the average annual cost of timeshare maintenance fees was $674 in 2008. According to 2011 figures, that number has now jumped to $776 every year. That’s a 17% increase in just three years!

In addition to astronomical maintenance fees, the value of your timeshare decreases dramatically the instant you purchase it. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you are able to sell your timeshare, you will only be able to do so after taking a significant loss. Taken together, these two factors make selling a timeshare extremely difficult. People just don’t want to take on your financial burden in much the same way that you no longer want to continue to suffer under it.

So, if you’ve signed a contract making you and your family the permanent owners of the property, what are your options? Well, resale listing companies have very little incentive to follow through with their promise to sell your property; most donation options are scams that will land you in hot water with the IRS; and failing to keep up with your timeshare obligations will lead to a foreclosure that could potentially destroy your credit.

Newton Group Transfers is NOT a resale listing agency or a donation company looking to scam you by falsely appraising your timeshare. We are a timeshare disposal company with a sterling reputation within the industry. We take an honest approach with our customers to completely transfer the deed from timeshare owners who have paid their mortgage in full. We are an experienced group of veterans of the timeshare transfer industry with a universal reputation of integrity based on our core values of accountability and transparency.  We’ve built a culture of good faith between ourselves and our clients based on our 100% Money Back Guarantee and an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We have our client’s best interests in mind, and we will work tirelessly and honestly to remove you from your timeshare obligation.  So please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit our website at to liberate yourself from your timeshare contract.

Large Travel Fees Associated with Timeshare Vacations

For some timeshare owners, the journey to their property is a short drive away from home. For most, however, their annual vacation destination is located quite far away. Actually, that’s usually the whole point of going on vacation; sometimes, you just need to get away! In this case, traveling to your timeshare requires a lengthy road trip or flight. These costs can add up rather quickly, especially if you are traveling with several family members. The fact is that, often times, the travel costs associated with timeshare ownership are left out of the equation when people consider their vacation budgets.

Air Travel

As the economy continues to struggle, and the cost of fuel progressively rises to record highs, experts predict that the price of airfare will persistently increase annually over the next 20 years. In fact, the current average price of airfare is already up nearly 10% from this same time last year. According to Ed Perkins, a blogger with, “Just about everyone in the business believes that airfares are going up, generally, across the boards, and more or less permanently.” Factors for the price hikes include decreased airline capacity, labor strife, conflict in the Middle East, and recent mergers among large carriers. Unfortunately for travelers, none of these issues seem to be going away any time in the near future.

It’s not all bad, though. On the whole, flying is still a relatively cheap form of travel (in relation to rates adjusted for inflation over the last 30 years), and most airlines stay afloat by throwing in hidden costs such as large baggage fees or instituting small price increases several times throughout the course of the year. Many carriers are looking to invest in more fuel-efficient planes, but much of the technology has yet to be fully realized and the cost for research and development alone is well into the billions of dollars. The average consumer who’s grown accustomed to paying modest fees is likely in for a rude awakening in the near future.

Car Travel

The typical timeshare traveler overlooks several fees associated with car travel that can add up quickly, even if you’re flying. If you’re flying, parking your car in an airport ramp can cost as much as $100 per week. In addition, you’ll have to either rent a car or rely on taxicabs for the duration of your trip, and these costs can get out of hand quickly. For instance, I checked to see the overall figures to rent a compact car with Enterprise over Christmas this year, and they will easily exceed over $100 per day.

If you’re driving to your vacation destination, there are obviously costs associated with fuel, oil changes, and potential car problems. While fuel prices remained relatively low over this past summer (in large part due to the political elections), most experts don’t expect that trend to continue. In fact, many economists are predicting $4 per gallon again by the end of January.

There are also the unseen costs of piling mileage onto your vehicle’s odometer. In 2011, Americans drove an average of 13,500 miles per year (this statistic includes teenage and senior drivers that typically wouldn’t be driving cross-country to a timeshare destination). A round-trip car ride from the northern eastern seaboard to southern Florida is more than 2,500 miles. That’s almost a fifth of the miles you’ll put on your car in an entire year! Cars are meant to be driven, but packing on the miles will shorten the length of your vehicle’s life.

Just One of Many Fees

Many people are completely comfortable with paying the travel fees associated with timeshare ownership. Others, however, are beginning to see these costs as the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back. Once these expenses are coupled with maintenance fees and special assessments, along with the headaches involved with scheduling your allotted time at your vacation property, the lure of timeshare ownership begins to dim.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your timeshare, the smartest, fastest way to remove yourself from your contract is to seek the assistance of a timeshare transfer company like Newton Group Transfers. We pride ourselves on our honest approach with our customers, and we won’t sugar coat the situation. We are fully aware of the severity of the timeshare crisis.

At Newton Group Transfers, we offer the opportunity to forge a new financial future by accepting each predicament for exactly what it is and by working together to develop guaranteed alternative solutions. Please contact us at (877) 354-4321 or visit us at to receive a free quote today!

Compared to Hotels, Do Timeshares Make Sense?

Timeshares vs. Hotels

If you and your family own a timeshare, can afford the associated fees, and love the destination, then maybe you made the right choice. However, if these fees have become insurmountable and the destination is getting stale, this blog might prove beneficial. I’m going to take a moment to compare the costs and benefits of hotel travel as compared with timeshares.

Timeshares are a luxury item that most people simply can’t afford. Ignoring for a moment the staggering special assessments and maintenance fees, even the fundamental cost of buying a timeshare is just too much for the average family to manage. Unfortunately, these fees can’t be ignored, and they often rise to more than $1,500 per year for timeshare owners. So when typical people want to take their family on a vacation, they do it the old-fashioned way – by spending their time at a hotel. This method may not have the sexy glitz and glamor of timeshare ownership, but what these trips lack in water cooler status, they make up for in affordability and the freedom to choose a new destination every year.

Destination Freedom

One of the major drawbacks of timeshares is that, by signing a contract locked in perpetuity (i.e. the contract is eternal and will be passed down to your next of kin), you’re committing to an annual vacation to the same location every year for the rest of your life. In high school, I went to Clearwater Beach, Florida two years in a row for Spring Break. I had a great experience on both occasions, but I soon learned that it’s easy to get bored with a vacation destination. When I visited my sister who had moved to that area a few years after I graduated, it just wasn’t the same. The beaches were still beautiful, the sun still shined brightly, and the jet skiing was still a riot, but that flair was somehow lacking.

It’s true, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of an entirely new, fresh experience, but with repeated use, that excitement can become ordinary very quickly. However, when you’re able to choose a new vacation destination every year, your trip will always yield new and exhilarating adventures! Most timeshares don’t afford the owner the opportunity to explore different locales, but by visiting hotels, you open up a world of travel possibilities.

Oh, the Financials

It’s time for everyone’s favorite subject: math! I’ll try not to bore you with the figures, but please bear with me for a moment. Let’s remain conservative and say that you purchased your timeshare for $20,000. If you’re planning on using your timeshare for the next 30 years, that works out to roughly $670 per year. This works out to be roughly the same amount that most families of four would spend to reserve a mid-range hotel in a trendy vacation spot. But we left out the maintenance fees. Even if we kept these numbers relatively low, most timeshare owners would still have to tack on an extra $500 annually. Put together, these figures work out to $1,170 that would come out of your bank account every year.

For the sake of objective comparison, I did a little travel research on I entered in a six-night stay at the Westin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for one of the busiest times of year – the end of March, which traditionally marks the Spring Break period for students. I found accommodations for $136 per night, which, when multiplied by the six nights that most people would spend during this time, the number comes out to $816; that’s more than $350 less than the annual cost of timeshare ownership!

To be fair, the average hotel room can’t compete with the fancy amenities that many timeshares offer, but for the family that prefers to spend their vacation actually enjoying the sites and activities of a new place, the money saved could easily be used for several big-ticket activities such as ski-lift tickets or a trip to an amusement park. Not only that, but there would probably still be money left over for a nice meal or spa visit.

In the end, vacation options will vary from person to person. The most important thing is getting the most enjoyment out of your trip for the least amount of money. Some people feel this is achieved by visiting their timeshare, while others prefer to scope out new places every year and stay in a hotel. If you already own a timeshare, but would rather save money and travel to new destinations every year, perhaps it’s time that you consider transferring your timeshare contract.

Newton Group Transfers

Newton Group Transfers is a timeshare disposal company with an excellent reputation for quickly and seamlessly removing families from their timeshare obligations. We have a fantastic track record within the industry and we have built our name by sticking to our core values of accountability and transparency. Constructing a culture of good faith between ourselves and our clients based on our 100% Money Back Guarantee and an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau is our ultimate goal. We are fully equipped to remove you from your timeshare obligation, so please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit our website at for immediate relief from timeshare stress.

The Truth About Timeshare Donations

“Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.” – John D. Rockefeller

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: the season of giving is upon us! Christmas is a time of goodwill, peace, and charity, but it’s not necessarily always better to give than receive. For instance, donating your timeshare to charity might seem like a convenient way to rid yourself of such a financial burden, but the only thing you’ll receive in return is a massive headache!

Timeshare donations paint a picture of philanthropy coupled with massive tax deductions, along with the obvious benefit of ridding yourself of your timeshare obligations. This pie in the sky offer seems too good to be true! Unfortunately, it is.

Timeshare donation is one of the most common and expensive scams in the industry today. Not only that, but it could trigger an audit of your tax returns by the IRS, upon which, it will be revealed that the donation was really a scam – leaving you owing Uncle Sam a hefty sum. To put it simply, donation just isn’t a viable option as a timeshare exit solution.

Here’s how it works: A group of sales professionals sequester a group of disgruntled timeshare owners into to a physical location or a webinar with someone posing as a timeshare counselor.

Once the presentation begins, they’ll feed you quasi-accurate information about the folly of listing your timeshare on the resale market (Note: This is the only part of the scam that is remotely valid – timeshare are nearly impossible to sell).

When they feel like they’ve convinced you to enlist their services, they will request a large up-front fee to channel the timeshare to various charities with which they’re affiliated. Next, they’ll appraise your timeshare and claim that it’s worth roughly 75-80% of its initial value.

After the bogus appraisal has been completed, they’ll assure you that you can write this arbitrary figure off on your taxes. For the salespeople, the closer is that the amount that you will receive in your tax deduction will far exceed the amount you paid for their services – a claim that has proven too good to be true in the past.

Keep in mind, if you go through with this process, the IRS could potentially audit you and hold you responsible for the refund that you receive. At this point, it will be too late to plead ignorance. Given the shabby resale market, the IRS is fully aware that your timeshare is not worth what these companies appraise them for. Further, they know that you are also well aware of this fact, and they will act accordingly.

Timeshare donation is a dangerous, expensive, and inefficient method of timeshare disposal. If you don’t believe me, discuss the matter further with your attorney or accountant; you’ll hear the exact same thing from them. At best, it’s a poor financial decision, at worst, it’s a scam that could get you and your family in hot water with the IRS. If you’re honestly considering timeshare donation, please, at the very least, seek an accurate appraisal of your timeshare from an objective source.

I strongly urge you to be thorough in your search for an efficient and expedited timeshare exit solution, but I’d really hate to see you dig deeper into financial difficulty by dealing with timeshare donation agencies. I know that many of your have dealt with less that reputable individuals and organizations in the past, so please don’t make the same mistake twice!

At Newton Group Transfers, we make no pretense about the value of your timeshare. The goal isn’t to prey on your financial insecurity and then swindle you out of your hard-earned money. We genuinely want to help you end your timeshare obligation through honest and legitimate means.

If you use and enjoy your timeshare, then it has significant value to you and your family. If not, then you need to ask yourself if timeshare ownership is still the best choice. The legitimate, most expedient way to get out from under the heavy burden of a timeshare contract is to transfer it with Newton Group Transfers. Ever confident in our ability to remove the timeshare from your name, we back up our process with a 100% Guarantee of our services.

We have our client’s best interests in mind, and we will work tirelessly and honestly to remove you from your timeshare obligation through legitimate means. Please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit us online at to liberate yourself from your timeshare contract.

Avoid Timeshare Resale Companies!

Timeshares are a tricky thing. At first, they seem like such a great purchase. Who wouldn’t want to reserve a few weeks at a vacation condo by splitting the cost with hundreds of other buyers? Unfortunately, like most things in life, there’s a catch.

When you consider the hefty initial payment, consistently rising maintenance fees, and special assessments that blindside owners, timeshare ownership far exceeds the cost of conventional vacations. These fees are so outlandish due, in large part, to the fact that the resort’s marketing campaigns are responsible for nearly 50% of the final timeshare price. These wildly aggressive strategies lead to a huge mark-up in your costs.

On top of the costs associated with owning a timeshare, it’s important to remember that they can also be extremely difficult and expensive to sell. Most resale listing agencies require a significant upfront sum to list your property, and they continue to charge monthly fees until your timeshare sells. Overall, listing your timeshare will cost you thousands, and they rarely sell, even after significant your financial commitment.

Of course, timeshares rarely sell due to a number of factors, not the least of which is that the reseller has little motivation to do so as long as their clients continue to line their pockets. Coupled with the fact that a large number of these companies are nothing more than fronts for scam artists, timeshare resale companies simply aren’t the way to go. Usually, people only turn to them when they’re desperate to dispose of their contract, only to lose hundreds, if not thousands, more in the process. In fact, according to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, complaints about timeshare resale companies doubled in 2009 to become the most frequent complaint reported to the state’s Attorney General.

These fraudulent companies do an excellent job of disguising their true nature, so here are a few suggestions to help you determine the soundness of the company:

  • Verify the business’ physical address: This is a surefire way to determine the validity of the business.
  • Do your research: A simple way to ascertain the legitimacy of the company in question is to contact the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney general.
  • Look for the guarantee: If the reseller doesn’t offer a full and guaranteed money-back refund of your money if you aren’t satisfied with their service, DO NOT COMMIT to anything in writing!!

Considering the many drawbacks of listing agencies and the fact that many of them are illegitimate, we strongly urge you not to enlist their help. The surest way to avoid being scammed by a resale company is to not seek out their assistance in the first place. But there is an expedient, affordable, and sensible way to end your timeshare ownership.

The best option for timeshare owners who are looking to dispose of their timeshare contract is to enlist the help of Newton Group Transfers for a guaranteed exit from your timeshare. Unlike resellers, we offer the following features to keep you confident and informed throughout the process:

  • All pertinent information is documented in writing.
  • An immaculate track record that can be referenced and verified via the Better Business Bureau.
  • A swift transfer of your timeshare property with a nominal, one-time fee.
  • Every detail of the terms and conditions of the service offered.
  • 100% money-back guarantee to successfully complete your transfer in a timely fashion.

We urge you to be diligent in your search for an efficient and expedited timeshare exit solution. We realize that most timeshare owners have dealt with less that reputable individuals and organizations in the past, and we understand the hesitation to move forward with an exit solution that requests an upfront fee. However, the bullet points above speak volumes about our credibility and our honest commitment to our customers.

We have our client’s best interests in mind, and we will work tirelessly and honestly to remove you from your timeshare obligation. So please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit us online at to liberate yourself from your timeshare contract.

What Constitutes an Investment?

Throughout our lives, we will invest in many things. We will invest in our family. We will invest in our friends and neighbors. We will invest in a set of values, in political candidates, and in our favorite baseball team. All of these investments serve to heighten the enjoyment of our lives, while keeping us grounded and focused on what is truly important, but there are other types of investments as well.

Financial investments provide security for the future of our families. They allow for our country to prosper globally, nationally, and locally. Without a constant state of investing, the economy would stagnate and fail. For these reasons, investing is a vital element of our nation’s framework and is built into the fabric of our financial systems.

Investments such as homes, businesses, and stocks are purchases made in which a profit is expected and the analysis shows reasonable assurance of security for both the principle and the return. These are sound investments that most Americans will engage in at some point in their lives, but not all big purchases can accurately be referred to as investments.

For instance, buying a new car is not an investment. The instant the vehicle rolls of the lot, its value depreciates significantly. Unless the car is a classic model in mint condition, there is no reasonable assurance of security for the principle or the return. This isn’t to say that there wouldn’t necessarily be an emotional investment in buying a car, but financially speaking, a car is simply a big purchase with the potential to improve the quality of life for the purchaser. There is no prospect of monetary gain attached.

A timeshare can be thought of in much the same way as the new car rolling of the lot. It’s beautiful, it’s exciting, the family loves it, and the future looks brighter from inside of it. Not only that, but traditionally, a timeshare has served as a status symbol, of moving up in the world toward a more comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, after the initial love affair with your new property, the shiny veneer of the timeshare begins to fade over time, and the once sleek and sexy “investment” becomes just another expensive responsibility. To complete the analogy, when one considers the travel expenses, maintenance fees, special assessments, and depreciating value of the property, the timeshare begins to look less like a Lamborghini and more like a lemon.

The bottom line is that a timeshare is not a typical property because it’s not an investment. At numerous sites across the Internet, an interested buyer can find timeshare owners desperately trying to sell their “investment” for less than one dollar. There are two interesting elements to this phenomenon: The first, is that a timeshare owner would be so eager to rid him or herself of their property that he or she is willing to sell it for the price of a candy bar. The timeshare is so economically toxic that giving it away makes more fiscal sense than keeping it. The second element is that, despite an offer that is obviously too good to be true, occasionally a buyer will come along with no conception of the financial hell that they have voluntarily entered. This cycle will continue to repeat itself as new timeshare owners become frustrated, angry, and cynical concerning the pitfalls of timeshare ownership. Eventually, they too will be willing to practically give the property away rather than deal with the headache of timeshare ownership.

Throughout the course of ownership, the average timeshare owner will spend between $50,000 and $100,000 in costs related to the property. This amount is staggering considering the brief time actually spent at the property and the already significant original price tag.

If you would rather not spend your children’s college funds on a one-week-per-year vacation destination, then maybe you should consider allowing Newton Group Transfers to provide an affordable, efficient, and guaranteed exit solution from your timeshare contract. For a nominal fee, you and your family can be free of the mounting costs associated with the property. Please contact us at (877) 354-4321 or online at to discover a new path to financial security.

Who knows? Maybe with the money you save, you could buy a new car…

7 Reasons to Consider a Timeshare Transfer

Hello friends! We’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons to consider a timeshare transfer. None of these considerations are entirely new, but they seem to be just as true today as ever. Unfortunately, we continue to hear these same complaints from our customers on a daily basis, but hopefully, a few of you will read this blog and take a moment to evaluate your options.

Timeshares Are NOT an Investment

As expressed time and time again, timeshares are a liability, and their financial value depreciates over any given period of time. This means that the instant you purchase a timeshare, the value plummets, along with the resale value. Yet, even with diminishing value, timeshares are nearly impossible to sell, as the secondary market has eroded significantly in recent years.

Maintenance Fees

Fees that you thought would remain manageable can begin to spiral out of control rather quickly. Along with general maintenance fees that will surely rise, there are other fees to keep in mind, such as special assessments, taxes, membership fees, and exchange-transaction fees. The owner must pay these fees whether they use their timeshare or not. By choosing to transfer your timeshare, and thus avoiding these fees, you could save tens of thousands of dollars over the life cycle of your property.

Travel Expenses

Another item that is often overlooked by overzealous timeshare purchasers is the question of travel. Sure, it might seem like an affordable vacation locale if one can account for the annual taxes and fees, but people often forget how expensive it is to travel to certain destinations. As anyone with a timeshare can tell you, airfare is not cheap and neither is fuel. If you choose to transfer your timeshare, these expenses could likely be covered with the money once used to cover resort fees.

The Timeshare Industry Is Complicated

The timeshare industry is extremely complicated, and entering into any sort of agreement. Many timeshare exit companies are counting on their prey to not do their homework, thus making owners vulnerable to scam tactics or general poor service. If one isn’t well versed in the language of timeshares (e.g. fixed-week, point based systems, leased timeshares) or the legitimacy of these companies, it becomes even easier to fall victim to manipulation and predatory tactics.

You’ll Likely Never Break Even

Timeshares are marketed as being cheap at the initial purchase, but when compared with the cost of staying in practical hotels over the lifetime of the contract, it’s likely that you’ll never reach a break-even point. Consider that you’re paying annual maintenance fees in addition to a large up-front purchasing fee – money that could be spent on other vacation options.

Little Vacation Flexibility

Trading your time for a unit in a new vacation location is not as easy as you may believe. It could require nearly a year’s worth of advanced planning, and trading costs can add up quickly.  Further, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to procure your desired location during your desired time. If you transfer your timeshare, there will be no extra costs or added stress in pursuing more flexibility in your vacation plans.

Timeshares Are Nearly Impossible to Get Rid Of

A timeshare is a liability, not an asset. Therefore, the value will only depreciate over time, which makes the resale market virtually non-existent. There are many listing agencies and exchange companies who will make empty promises about the value of your property and the abundance of buyers lining up to purchase it, only to cash a large check without providing adequate service. The bottom line is that it is nearly impossible to sell a timeshare; the market has decreased significantly and shows no signs of rebounding.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should be a starting point for anyone interested in taking an honest look at the viability of a timeshare transfer. Timeshare ownership can be a wonderful experience for many families, but it is important to do all the necessary research if you’ve decided that you’re no longer interested in owning your property. If you or someone you know is locked into a timeshare contract and looking for an exit solution, please contact Newton Group Transfers at (877) 354-4321.

Beware of Scam Companies

It’s no secret that certain elements within the timeshare industry have a reputation for low ethical standards. There is a stigma attached to the term “timeshare” that evokes a litany of negative images: the often overwhelming initial meeting with timeshare sales professionals; monthly maintenance fees and special assessments that are incommensurate from what you thought you had agreed to in your contract; and the anxiety that accompanies the realization that you and your family are locked into your agreement for perpetuity.

As if this wasn’t enough, new companies are springing up fraudulently pledging to remove you from your timeshare contracts without actually following through with their promise. There is a rising awareness that many families will do whatever it takes to remove themselves from their timeshares, and there are a slew of new companies looking to prey upon the vulnerability of timeshare owners. The representatives of these companies falsely claim that they will remove you from your timeshare contracts, but do little to help once they have cashed a large up-front fee.

Specifically, many of these companies are soliciting timeshare owners that have not fully paid the mortgage on their timeshare. They provide their clients with a form letter to send to the resort developer attempting to void their timeshare contract by claiming that they were duped into ownership in the first place. The bottom line is that this method of timeshare removal is not an effective service, and it usually yields no results.  Of course, after the failed attempt, the company does not, in most cases, return your money.

Newton Group Transfers is NOT one of these companies. We take an honest approach with our customers to fully transfer the deed from timeshare owners who have paid their mortgage in full. We are an experienced group of veterans of the timeshare transfer industry with a universal reputation of integrity based on our core values of accountability and transparency. We’ve built a culture of good faith between ourselves and our clients based on the following factors:

We urge you to be diligent in your search for an efficient and expedited timeshare exit solution. We realize that most timeshare owners have dealt with less that reputable individuals and organizations in the past, and we understand the hesitation to move forward with an exit solution that requests an upfront fee. However, the links above speak volumes about our honest commitment to our customers. We have our client’s best interests in mind, and we will work tirelessly and honestly to remove you from your timeshare obligation. So, please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or online at to liberate yourself from your timeshare contract.

Newton Group Transfers Receives High Marks from BBB

Newton Group Transfers has recently received official accreditation from the Better Business Bureau in the form of an A- grade. This ranking is based on our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. But what does such a mark entail?

To begin, it is important to remember that the BBB is a non-biased entity. They do not endorse any companies; they are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the marketplace. Their mission is to establish a feeling of mutual trust between consumers and businesses by regulating these relationships through trust and accountability.

Some of the factors involved in Newton Group Transfers earning this grade include the fact that ZERO complaints have been filed with the BBB since our inception and the sufficient amount of background information provided about our company. The lone factor that prevented an even higher mark is the relatively brief history of our business (although our parent company, The Newton Group, ESA, LLC, has been functioning in a similar capacity for nearly a decade and has earned an A+ grade).

A high ranking with the Better Business Bureau is essential in establishing trust with new customers. As the industry standard for business accountability, the BBB is a highly respected mediator in the marketplace. Their rankings serve as an evidence-based testament to the reputation of each business.

Therefore, while we are delighted with our A- ranking with the Better Business Bureau, we will continue to strive over the coming months and years to elevate that grade to an A+.  Through our continued excellence in assisting our customers to achieve an expedient exit solution from their timeshare contract, coupled with our 100% Money back Guarantee, we are certain that we will achieve our desired ranking in no time!

Please visit us today at or call us at (877) 354-4321 to begin the timeshare transfer process.


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