Newton Group Transfers to Launch New Venutre, Maintain Singleness of Purpose

Timeshare Transfer Guarantee, a brand of The Newton Group ESA LLC, has announced that they will be changing their title to Newton Group Transfers. Of the name change, President and co-founder, Gordon Newton stated, “We feel that the change in nomenclature from Timeshare Transfer Guarantee to Newton Group Transfers serves to reinforce the nature of the relationship between this new venture and the world class reputation of our parent company.”

As innovators in the field of the virtual workforce, The Newton Group will continue to provide top notch sales support to a broad and diverse client base. By using their uniquely tailored Customer Relations Management (CRM) software to maximize their employee’s performance, they are able to maintain an effective work place, through a virtual setting. As Newton Group Transfers, they plan on implementing their proven method for success in the timeshare transfer industry.

The Newton Group is no stranger to the timeshare industry. Over the course of six years, they worked closely with other timeshare transfer companies, providing them with software, account sales support, and lead generation services. Their work led to booming success for one of the most prominent companies in the industry and led the executive members of The Newton Group to reconsider the role they had been playing. After assessing the situation, they determined that they were fully equipped to operate independently within the industry, which meant the opportunity to provide their clients with an honest and effective service. CEO of The Newton Group, Theodoros Panopoulos, explained, “The Newton Group ESA became a strong full-service provider in the timeshare recapture industry, and it made sense to launch our own brand in an effort to bring world class service to timeshare owners seeking a 100% guaranteed solution.”

Earlier this year, Timeshare Transfer Guarantee was launched with great success. With the change in title, Newton Group Transfers expects to benefit from the universal credibility established by The Newton Group. Regarding the name change, Todd Johnson, CIO, stated “It’s imperative that The Newton Group and Newton Group Transfers align in philosophy, in practice, and in name. Therefore, we felt that a name change from Timeshare Transfer Guarantee to Newton Group Transfer would create a sense of transparency in uniting our diversifying business ventures.”

Newton Group Transfers has combined their advanced software, knowledge, and experience in the industry to further establish themselves as leaders in the field. In order to do so, Panopoulos stressed that the culture that they have created must stay intact: “Through the midst of all this technology, we understand that we are still in the business of touching people. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to assist our clients on a wider scale.” Of chief importance in maintaining this culture is an adherence to their core values of integrity, accountability, and diversity along with continually reinforcing the notion of “uncovering new life” for their clients. With a solid business plan, rooted in a belief in these core values and a wealth of experience, Newton Group Transfers has established themselves as the most trusted name in timeshare exit.


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